ARMS: Vert semée of Acorns a Horseshoe Or.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours in front of a Horseshoe an Acorn Or leaved and slipped proper.

Motto 'MULTUM IN PARVO'-Much in little.
Granted 1st May 1950

On 31st March 1974 the administrive County of Rutland was abolished and the County was administered as part of Leicestershire. The Rutland District Council used the arms of the old County Council. Since 1st April 1998 the County has been administered by the Rutland County Council which is a unitary authority.

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rutland cc arms

The green shield represents the County's agriculture, especially its rich pasture land and the acorn exemplifies the former forest land which at one time covered much of the County, especially on the south side. The horseshoe represents the County's history and hunting association, and recalls the unique collection of horseshoes presented by royalty, peers of the realm, and noblemen passing through the County, which hang on the walls of the famous Castle Hall at Oakham.
The motto bears witness to the efficiency and importance of England's smallest county.

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