ARMS: Argent a Cross Gules on a Chief Azure three Roses Argent barbed and seeded proper.

Granted 1st March 1928.

north riding cc arms

The arms combined the cross of St. George for England with three Yorshire roses.


ARMS: Per chevron barry wavy of four Argent and Azure, and Vert, in chief two steel ingots each palewise Gules and in base a retort in its stand Proper.
CREST: On a wreath Argent and Vert issuant from a circlet of roses Argent barbed and seeded Proper a three masted sailing ship sails furled also Proper, pennons flying Gules.

Motto 'E PLURIBUS UNUS' - One out of many.
Granted 5th December 1955.

eston udc arms

The two ingots represent the steel industry and the white and blue waves which represent the River Tees. The retort denotes the heavy chemical industry and is set against a green hill intended to depict Eston Nab.
The white roses beneath the ship represent Yorkshire.


ARMS: Argent three Stalks of Flax interlaced proper tied with a Riband Azure in chief a Saxon Crown Gules all within a Bordure Vert thereon eight Roses of the first barbed and seeded also proper.
CREST: On a Wreath Argent and Gules out of a Circlet of Oak fructed proper a winged Lion rampant Gules langued Azure holding in the forepaws a Fetterlock Or.

Granted 20th March 1953.

flaxton rdc arms

No further information currently available.


*ARMS: Argent a Lion rampant Azure on a Chief Sable three Ships Or sails Argent.
*CREST: Upon a Mural Crown Or charged with three Anchors Sable a Lion passant Azure; Mantled Azure doubled Argent.

Motto 'ERIMUS' - We shall be.
Granted 8th November 1911.

middlesbrough cbc arms

The blue lion is from the arms of the Brus family, who after the Norman Conquest were given many Lordships in this area. Robert de Brus of Skelton founded a priory where Middlesbrough now stands in the twelfth century. The ships and the anchor are for shipbuilding and maritime trade.
The mural crown is a common symbol of municipal government.
The motto was suggested by the Brus family motto - "Fuimus" - We Have Been. Middlesbrough chose to have "Erimus" - We Shall Be.


ARMS: Barry wavy of six Azure and Argent thereon a Ship in full sail and in base three Fish two and one all proper on a Chief Sable two Steel Ingots proper and between them on a Pale Or a Blast Furnace also proper.
CREST: On a Wreath Argent and Azure a Lion rampant Gules supporting a flaming Beacon proper.

Motto 'MARE ET FERRO' - By sea and iron.
Granted 10th October 1922.

redcar bc arms

The ship and blue and white waves represent the overseas trade from the River Tees, and the fishes are the emblem of the ancient fishing industry. The blast furnace and ingot represent the iron and steel industry, upon the prosperity of which the town greatly depended.
The lion is from the arms of Lord Zetland, the leading landowner in the Borough.
The motto, meant that the town profited by seaside patronage in the summer, but was dependent for its main prosperity upon the manufacture of steel.


ARMS: Gules an Eagle displayed wings inverted Or grasping in the claws two Swords in saltire proper hilted and pommelled Gold on a Chief wavy of the last three Abbots' Crozier Heads Azure.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours out of a Mural Crown Azure charged with three Roses Argent barbed and seeded proper a Stag's Head holding in the mouth an Ear of Wheat stalked leaved and slipped also proper and gorged with a Collar Ermine.

Granted 22nd September 1955.

richmond rdc arms

No further information currently available.


ARMS: Per fesse wavy Gules and barry wavy of six Argent and Azure issuant in chief to the dexter a Lymphad and to the sinister a Square Tower in the chief point an Estoile all of the second.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours in front of a Lymphad Sable and sail Gules charged with an Estoile Or three Roses Argent barbed and seeded proper.
SUPPORTERS: On either side a Stag reguardant Gules that to the dexter gorged with a Chain Or pendent therefrom a Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper that to the sinister gorged with a like Chain pendent therefrom a Bugle Horn Gold.

Motto 'PER PERICULA AD DECUS IRE JUVAT' - Let it rejoice thee to set dangers at nought in the quest of honour.
Granted 3rd December 1935.

Image from the Heraldry Society Image Library.

scarborough former bc arms

The arms were based on the town's seal dating from the thirteenth century, and illustrate the town's historic and enduring features - its harbour and castle. It appears from a record in the College of Arms that as long ago as 1585 a design was prepared for the arms though they were not actually granted.
The lymphad and star, also from the ancient seal, are repeated in the crest and signify the strong seafaring tradition of the area. The presence of the three Yorkshire roses requires no explanation.
The stags represent the forests of Pickering, Galtres, and Knaresborough, the horn on one commemorating a Royal Hunt.


ARMS: Argent an ancient Ship sails furled pennons flying Sable on a Chief Azure on a Pale Sable fimbriated and between two Crucibles Argent a Basilisk Or.
CREST: On a Wreath Argent and Azure on a grassy Mount proper an Anchor Or between two Cogwheels Sable.
SUPPORTERS: On the dexter side a Lion Or resting the interior hind paw on three Ingots of Steel proper and on the sinister side a Seahorse Argent scales dorsal fin and tail Or each collared Azure thereon a Barrulet wavy Argent the whole upon a Compartment per pale of a grassy Mount and Waves of the Sea proper.
BADGE: A Tau Cross Azure enfiling a Mural Crown Or.

Granted 26th March 1968.

The County Borough of Teesside was formed on 1st April 1968 by the amalgamation of the County Borough of Middlesbrough, the Borough of Redcar, the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees, the Borough of Thornaby, the majority of the Billingham Urban District, the Eston Urban District, part of the Stockton Rural District and some smaller areas from other surrounding districts. The entirety of Teesside, including the parts north of the River Tees historically in County Durham, was associated with the North Riding of Yorkshire for lieutenancy and other purposes and is therefore placed in this section.

teeside cbc
teesside badge

The ancient ship represents the area's long association with shipping - both for trade and building. The two crucibles symbolise the steel industry and the two white vertical rails between them are a reminder that the first passenger railway in the world had its terminus at Stockton. Between the rails is a basilisk, whose stare turned people to stone, representing Teesside's vast modern chemical industry.
The cogwheels recognise Teesside's engineering industries and the anchor is another reference to the area's maritime associations.
There is another allusion to steel in the three ingots on which the lion rests a paw. The seahorse portrays the sea trade of the Tees. The whole rests on a grassy mount and waves of the sea.


ARMS: Barry of twelve Gules and Argent on a Pale Ermine a Lion rampant Azure on a Chief engrailed of the second three Torteaux.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours in front of two Anchors in saltire Or the Stern of a Ship with Rudder proper.

Granted 23rd January 1893.

thornaby bc arms

The Arms are based upon those of the family of Thornaby in the 16th century. The blue lion is that of the family of de Brus, who held the manor of Thornaby during the Middle Ages.
The ship and anchors refers to the area's maritime associations.


ARMS: Per fesse wavy Vert and Purpure a Barrulet wavy Argent between three coiled Serpents Or on a Chief also Argent three Lymphads sails furled Sable.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours issuant from a Circlet composed of eight Fusils conjoined Or a demi Unicorn Ermine armed and unguled also Or gorged with a Wreath of Rose Leaves Vert charged with three Roses Argent and supporting a Staff Gold flying therefrom a forked Pennon per fesse Argent and Azure charged in the hoist with a Cross formy also Gold.

Granted 10th February 1958.

whitby rdc arms

No further information currently available. Any information appreciated.

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