ARMS: Argent on a Mount in base Vert a Wyvern wings expanded Gules on a Chief per pale of the last and Sable three Plates.
CREST: Issuant from a Saxon Crown Or a demi Lion Gules holding in the paws a Sprig of Beech proper; Mantled Gules doubled Argent.

Granted 1st May 1953.

amersham rdc arms

The red wyvern is from the the heraldry of the Drake family of Shardeloes, who are closely connected with the history of the Town of Amersham. The chief is in red and black, the basis of the County shield, derived from the liveries of the Earls and Dukes of Buckingham. The three white roundels from the arms of the Penn family.
The Saxon crown is like that in the crest of the County Council and the sprig of beech alludes to the famous beech woods of the Chiltern Hills, perhaps the best known feature of the area.
The motto is a quotation from 'Paradise Lost', in reference to Milton's residence in the district at Chalfont St. Giles.


ARMS: Barry Argent and Azure an Eagle displayed wings inverted Or on a Chief per pale Gules and Sable a Saxon Crown between two Bulls' Heads caboshed Gold.
CREST: Out of a Mural Crown Or a demi Horse Sable gorged with a Collar gemel and maned Argent breathing Flames proper and supporting a Spear erect Gules.

Motto 'PROGREDIENS CONFIRMATUR ANIMUS' - Our spirit is strengthened by advancing.
Granted 12th April 1955.

Picture thanks to David Hale, NSW, Australia.

bletchley udc arms

The white and blue barred background is from the arms of the de Greys, Lords of the Manor of Etone, which included Water Eaton, Bletchley and Fenny Stratford. The golden eagle is symbolic of the Romans and refers to the origin of Fenny Stratford around Watling Street and Magiovintum. The red and black 'chief' is in the liveries of the Dukes of Buckingham and the background of the County arms. This, with the Saxon crown from the County crest, indicates the importance of Bletchley in the affairs and administration of North Buckinghamshire. The bulls' heads refer to the importance of the agricultural markets, the Fenny Stratford market (granted in 1104) being the ancestor of the modern Bletchley market. Thus Roman, Saxon, mediaeval and modern stages are all shown.
The mantling is in the liveries of the shield, those of the ancient Welsh family of Hanmer, who have close connections with the Parish of Simpson. The gold mural crown, has a triple significance. It is a familiar emblem of local government, appears in the same position in the arms of the Leons of Bletchley Park, and also refers to the brickmaking industry, which saw the beginnings of modern industrial development in the area. The black horse, ('The Iron Horse') breathing fire and with a flowing white mane, is a symbol of the development of the area with the advent of the railway, which is further represented by the double collar around the horse's neck. The a red spear is a symbol of the martyrdom of St. Thomas, patron saint of Simpson, to indicate that this parish contained the original Fenny Stratford station.
The motto is from Cicero and is symbolic of Bletchley and its future.

Chesham Town Council


ARMS: Per pale gules and sable, issuant from a plain base barry wavy of four argent and vert a mount of the last, thereon in front of a beech tree Or a swan, wings displayed and inverted, proper; all within a bordure ermine..
CREST: Out of a coronet composed of four fleurs-de-lys gules set upon a rim Or a demi panther guardant argent semee of hurts, collared gules and holding between the paws an escutcheon also argent charged with a fesse sable thereon three plates. Mantled gules and sable, doubled argent..

Motto 'CONSILIO ET ANIMIS' - By wisdom and courage.
Granted 18th November 1960.

eton rdc arms

The background of red and black is in the County colours, these indicated the District's situation in Buckinghamshire, mainly in the south near the Thames, and the symbolism is continued in the background of the historic livery colours of the Staffords, Earls and Dukes of Buckingham, whose red and black livery forms the basis of the arms of the County Council. Their White Swan badge, also familiar in the County, stands on a grassy bank by the heraldic river. Completing the symbolism the familiar Buckinghamshire beech in the County crest.
The crest is composed of emblems denoting several notable families having historical links with the District. The white panther spotted with blue (Palmer, of Dorney) wearing a red collar (Desborough, of Taplow) and holding a shield of the Penn Family.


ARMS: Per fesse Gules and Sable a Bar wavy Argent between in chief an Oak Tree couped and fructed and in base an Eagle displayed wings inverted Or in the flanks and over all two Abbots' Croziers addorsed of the last.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours Out of a Mural Crown Gules a demi Bull Sable armed unguled and gorged with a Torse of Wheat Or resting the sinister hoof on a Buckinghamshire Lace-Pillow proper.

Granted 10th May 1957.

Picture thanks to David Hale, NSW, Australia.

newport pagnell rdc arms

The background of red and black is in the County colours, and the white wave represents the River Ouse and its tributaries which water the area. The golden oak-tree, which can be typified as 'Cowpers Oak' represents the ancient wooded northern parts of which Salcey Forest is typical. The Roman eagle also in gold stands for the historical influence in the south of the Roman station of Magiovintum, which is considered to have been near where Brickhill now stands. The gold crosiers refer to the religious foundations at Bradwell, Lavendon and Ravenstone.
The red mural or walled crown, a symbol of civic government, also represents the brickmaking industry. Rising from this is a black bull with gold horns and hooves and wearing a chaplet of wheat, for the leather industry, agriculture and straw plaiting. The pillow refers to pillow lace making, a cottage industry encouraged by Flemish immigrants at the end of the eighteenth century.
The motto is from one of the most widely known hymns of poet William Cowper, who lived at Olney for thirty years. (Hymns Ancient and Modern No. 373).


ARMS: Or two Lions passant in pale in base as many Bars wavy Azure all within a Bordure gyronny of eight Gules and Sable.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours issuant from the Battlements of a Tower a Swan rising and supporting over the dexter shoulder a Staff proper flying therefrom a Banner per pale Gules and Sable charged with a Sword point upwards surmounted of two Keys in saltire all Gold.

Motto 'PRAECEPTA NON HOMINES' - Principles, not men.
Granted 17th May 1951.

Picture thanks to David Hale, NSW, Australia.

newport pagnell udc arms

The blue lions are from the arms of the Paganel family, from whom the town derived its name, and their descendants, the Somerys. The two blue waves represent the rivers Ouse and Ouzel and the red and black of the border is from the arms of the County Council and were for centuries the liveries of the Earls and Dukes of Buckingham.
The battlements refer to the former stronghold of the Paganels and the swan, like that in the County arms, is derived from the badge of the Dukes of Buckingham, it also refers to the famous Swan Inn. The keys of St. Peter and sword of St. Paul refer to the dedication of the parish church.


ARMS: Per chevron Argent and Gules in chief two Roses of the last barbed and seeded proper and in base a Swan holding in the beak a White Pink slipped and leaved also proper on a Chief Azure the Astronomical Symbol of Uranus ir­radiated between two Brick-Axes Or.
SUPPORTERS: On the dexter side a Figure of Mercury proper vested Argent mantled Azure and on the sinister side a Figure of Vulcan proper vested Argent holding in the dexter hand a Pair of Pincers also Argent.

Motto 'FIDUCIA ET VI' - By confidence and strength.
Granted 3rd September 1938.

slough fbc arms

The swan is the County emblem and the flowers represent the horticultural interests of the Borough. The brick-axes refer particularly to brick-making and the sign of Uranus is from the arms of the family of Herschel of Slough, and relates to the discovery of the planet by Sir William Herschel.
The supporters symbolize trade and industry.

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